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016 Breathworks with Philippa Wilkin (Tools for Relaxation and Balance)

Episode Summary

Philippa Wilkin is back on the show to share some breathwork tools you can use right now to help you relax and find balance.

Episode Notes

Your Breath is Your Superpower -> Philippa talked about her career change journey in episode 13. I was so intrigued about breathwork that I had to get her back on the show.

Philippa is a transformational coach and helps people reconnect with their true self. She does this through advanced breathing techniques that help you gain clarity.

In this episode, Philippa kindly shares two short breathwork exercises. The intention is that you can use both of these as a tool for when you need help sleeping or need to focus.

Once you've listened to this episode, you can find both exercises in the future by going to the times below:

Exercise 1 -  Background Info - 11:59m

Exercise 1 - '4-7-8' breathing for relaxation and better sleep - 15:45m

Exercise 1 - Tips - 22:39m

Exercise 2 - 'Box' breathing for finding focus and improving creativity - 24:19m

If you've enjoyed learning about breathwork, you can use these links to connect with Philippa and to find out more:


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